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Mirta Yurnet-Thomas

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Mirta Yurnet-Thomas

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A Taste of Haiti
by Mirta Yurnet-Thomas and the Thomas Family

Mirta Yurnet-Thomas

Mirta Yurnet-Thomas is a law school graduate with a passion for food and travel. Originally from Puerto Rico, she spent the summers of her childhood on the family farm picking fresh fruits and vegetables, helping feed the livestock, and watching the men and women prepare typical dishes and drinks. These cherished moments inspired her passion for natural foods and her fascination with the influence of the environment on one’s sustenance.

She is married to a Haitian and was inspired to write this cookbook after not being able to find a Haitian cookbook in the United States. With the help of her in-laws, she embarked on the journey of documenting favorite recipes of the family and their friends. She lives in New York City with her husband.

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“Mirta Yurnet-Thomas and the entire Thomas family have done a magnificent job in making known the secrets of the Haitian kitchen. This book is not only a handy reference; it is also a testimony of love, family harmony, and strong determination.” — Yvon Nicolas, Haïti Progrès

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